Sunday, September 10, 2017

Seasoned Professionals for Senior Support

As the calendar pages turn, we all discover that perhaps we need a little more assistance performing daily routines. Our eyeglass prescription may change. Our medication labels may change. Our desire to leave our homes may become less frequent. But technologies can help bring us modern supports that we need to continue a productive lifestyle.

The Tech Angels of New Rochelle recently received a few compliments from clients about the special care we offer our more seasoned customers. They and their families expressed gratitude to the manner in which we customize trainings and offer other solutions.

Perhaps we need to increase font size on the screen displays. Perhaps your grandchildren would love a digital visit. There are many free tools that can support this. There is nothing like curling up in a big comfy chair with that special child in your life to read a book. But thankfully technologies offer many ways to virtually visit when those in person visits are not quite possible. A wave on a video screen and hearing the voice of a loved-one across the miles can bring such a smile to someone.

Would it be easier if groceries were delivered to your home with the push of a few buttons? Thankfully our connected world can make this possible. We would be glad to show you how to accomplish this.

So many wonderful options are just a click away. Let us assist you in learning how or setting up features. Give us a call at 914-482-8633 or email us.
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